Monday, May 31, 2010

Helicopter assembly and maintenance factory

"Italy's AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, Wednesday inaugurated Liatec's (Libyan Italian Advanced Technology Company) a helicopter assembly and maintenance factory at Abou Aisha airport, in the Tarhuna region about 60 km southeast of Tripoli in Libya in a joint venture with Tripoli at a cost of almost US$24 million dollars.

Liatec, a Joint venture stock company between the Italian giant company and the Libyan state incorporated in Libya and established through an agreement signed in January 2006 by the three shareholders, Libyan Company for Aviation Industry (50%), Finmeccanica (25%) and AgustaWestland (25%).

The new dedicated facility at Abou Aisha airport includes final assembly lines for single and twin-engine helicopters. The final assembly of helicopters expands on the existing maintenance and training activities performed by LIATEC, a new industrial entity aimed at improving and developing the aviation and electronic systems capabilities in the country."


When sadness is chronicly deep inside, the instant temprory happiness is useless.
so don't ask me to smile and have fun , it's not worth it

Monday, May 24, 2010

Aunt vs. Mum

semsem , my aunt , she's not living in Libya , we miss her so much, and she's driving me crazy because of her refuse and denial for technology. no email , messenger, facebook , she doesn't even wanna bother opening my blog by clicking on a link ,,, she's just like mum sometimes, acting like a little kid who fears water and asked to swim for the first time... fearing the unknown.

well, sometimes this is useful and sometimes dangerous , mum now has facebook and added me , I couldn't say no. Imagine I put my status on facebook that I'm sad , and mum comes out of no where in my room asking why am I feeling so !!! I'm exposed ...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Driving Adventures in Tripoli

on the other day , I was driving in Omar Almokhtar's street ,,, 4 lanes , each is going int e opposite direction

Saturday, May 8, 2010

123 test

This is a test to blog through iPhone ,,, echoooo!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

العصفورات يشوفوا فينا

نسيت نقوللكم ان خوي جابلي هدية عصافير كناري
سميتهم صفصور و صفصورة
لأن لونهم صفصر هما الزوز
اللي جاب السيرة
اليوم أنا مربية للأطفال : حمودي و بوتشي
بوتشي يتحشم وهو يلعب ترا قولو لاش ؟؟؟؟

لأن العصفورات يتفرجوا علينا