Monday, February 22, 2010

أعجبتني و أجهل قائلها

قالوا تسلى عن المحبوب قلت بمن
كيف التسلي و في الأحشاء نيران
إن التسلي حرام في مذاهبنــا
و كيف أرضى بكفر بعد إيمــان
فشارب الخمر يصحو بعد سكرته
و شارب الحب طول العمر سكران

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When nice things pops into my life and make a change, I'm happy!! and as long as these things are there , my happiness grows, until it reaches levels where it is in accompany with fear and the scare of loosing that feeling, aaaaah contradictions ,,,,, my problem is that fear is not a feeling in the background, I'm terrified as much as I'm happy, always under pressure, this night I tried crying that pressure out, didn't help!!

I believe me being happy and the fear of loosing it goes hand in hand, take it or leave it. At the end, I'm buying it, It's not easy for me to be happy !!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What I remember about her

My post on the 1st of Feb last year , we meet people, some we like, some we fall in love with!! was inspired by Mrs. Khadija Ghomma , a teacher and a friend's mother.
Mrs Ghomma passed away Friday afternoon , It really made me sad hearing the news, somehow I wished I've met her sometime soon before she left us.

She was very patient teacher, friendly , with sense of humer, any one would enjoy her company. still I'm not able to believe it , when I'm sitting there in her house , I feel like she's going to appear from somewhere , I still remember the nice chat we had in my friend's wedding at the end of the Henna day, I'm glad I had it, since that time I didn't see her again T_T

ِRa7emaha Allah