Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A workshop in ELTEX 2008

Yesterday, I attended a workshop in the ELTEX2008, It was about using songs in the English learning classroom, and the presenter was my favorite teacher KhadijaTeri, why she’s my favorite teacher? I’ll tell you later. Anyway, she was not alone; her partner was a friend teacher of her, who I always hear about and never met, she is UT. I like the way she talks.

The workshop was good, useful and funny. Thank you both

Ooh KhadijaTeri is favorite teacher, because in her class, every minute was not a waste, I took so many many classes, I enjoyed her the most.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's not my fault, that I have overweight

Mum beleives in science, sometimes this is usefull.

I got tired of study, i decided to check an arabic news site, light, interesting, and funny news I find there,, any way, i found an article about obesity and its causes, and here is the abstract of the article, excuse my translation skill, i hope i did it rightn, google helped me.

"Obesity was not quite aside from concerns of scientists medicine, where obesity is linked to many diseases; such as high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, friction joints ...and to other diseases, in the context of attempts by scientists to overcome obesity, findings of a scientific study conducted by University College London, that suffering from obesity could be due to genes, not because of lifestyle, assuring that genes control the differences between body mass and the area around the waist by 77%.

The study showed that children who suffer from overweight or obesity, will suffer when their adulthood, increasing the risk of injury to certain types of cancer, diabetes and Clots, but despite the likelihood that obesity and overweight result of some genes, debate about the validity of this link continues to rage.

The study conducted by researchers from the Cancer Research Cell Research Centre British health behavior, with twins case, provided an opportunity comparable genetic factors factors "cultural" and Behavioral, and it appeared that the impact of lifestyle and environment is much weaker influence of genes."

After finishing this article , all what i could think of is that , now whenever mum asks me to stop eating because I became so faaat, i'll tell her "you made this to me", and it's scientifecally proved.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Alsharq Club third party - 15th of Feb, 2008

Hi all, Females, this invitation is for you, Males, i sent it to you so you forward it to who you think would enjoy this party!!

Alsharq Club third party is planned to be on friday 15th of Feb, 2008

Foreigns, half libyans, libyans who lived outside for a long time ,, or who is compatible with such different cultures, are invited, Females only,,,Bring your and only your children with you ,,

- 15 LD for the family ( you and your children) excluding Dinner
- for dinner, you can bring your dinner with you, or throught us, there are 5LD meal and 3.5LD meal.
you can cancel and have your money back, a week before the party.

Program: 4PM - 10PM
starting at 4PM, kids time, musical games, activitties and a movie ( in English). while that grownups chat, get to know each other, disscuss if there is any new ideas,, soft drinks are available.
the second part of the day, is for us,,, to play, dance , scream and have fun,, .. and no cameras,,,,

Ooh, by the way , the place in Omar ALmokhtar street, Alsharq Hall .

Looking forward to meet you at the patry,,, 2 Enjoy!!

The cutest Mashroum i've ever eaten

In the “Ice Age 2 : The meltdown” Movie ,
SED asks DIEGO “Remember the good old days?”
DIEGO answers wondering “Which good old days!!”
SED “Ooh, you know, yesterday, last week,,,”

Yes, yesterday was one of my good days, me, sue sue (my mother) and sam (my best friend), went out shopping, we bought great stuff. At "Zarqaa Alyamamah", 3 guys stoped asking for my size, i was shocked !!. they were not libyans, and one of them wants to buy a jacket for his daughter who was the same size as me, it's good that they ask, they were going to buy her a jacket which is less than her size by 4.

Any way, we had dinner @ Pizza House. We had garlic bread, a salad plate, and a pepperoni pizza. Jumped out of the pizza, the smallest mushroom I’ve seen. It was so cute and yummy.

We cut it in to 2 pieces, I had a half and my friend had half, and it was really the smallest mushroom I’ve ever eaten.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Save The Last Dance

This movie, is my favorite, it's the source of my inspiration


As a promising dancer in high school, Sara Johnson (Julia Stiles) hoped to be admitted to study at Juilliard and invited her mother to attend the audition. her mother was late, Sara got nervous and failed in her attempt, at those moments, she hated her mother for not being there for her, then was horrified to discover that her mother died in a fatal car crash on her way to be at her daughter's audition. Wracked with guilt, the girl gave up ballet entirely.
After her mother's death, Sara moves in with her estranged father (Terry Kinney). He plays the trumpet in a local Chicago jazz band and lives in an African American neighborhood. At her new high school, Sara is one of only a handful of white girls, but is befriended quickly by Chenille (Kerry Washington). Chenille's brother, Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas), is a promising student with dreams of going to Georgetown Medical School. Chenille invites Sara to a dance club called STEPS, where she has her first experience dancing to hip hop rhythms. Derek dedicates himself,helping her develop her talent, as they practice in abandoned warehouses, school classrooms and anywhere they can find. Later they return to the club and amaze others with their dancing.
Little by little, Derek and Sara become sexually involved. Derek takes a reluctant Sara to the Jeffrey Ballet and afterwards, Sara confides in him all about her mother and her dreams of Juilliard. Having already achieved his dream of being accepted at Georgetown, Derek convinces her that she needs to do what she wants, and to follow her dreams, but she needs to get back into dance shape.
Back at school, Nikki (Derek's x-girlfriend) picks a fight with Sara. Chenille tells Sara that she didn't approve of the fight but can understand the bitterness since Sara, a white girl, is stealing one of the few good black men in the school. Because of this, Sara breaks up with Derek. Derek knew nothing about that, and he thought the Sara is giving him up, while that Sara was frustrated, she needed someone who really love her to be with her to the audition.
Chenillle told Derek about what she said to Sara, and that made her break up with him, Scenes of Sara's audition for Juilliard, in which Derek arrives at a crucial moment to encourage her to dance her best. And she dance impressively, and she got accepted to Juilliard. The film closes as Derek, Sara, Chenille and their friends join at STEPS to celebrate Sara's successful audition.

The next youtube video, Sara's audition:

Here's the chance of life,
Get ready, set, fly, high, above the fear of your mind!
Go for it, it's hit or miss,
Too late for you to quit,
You got to show 'em how bad you really want this!

Live your dreams, it's not as hard as it may seem.
You have to work to get the cream, On your hopes you must lean.
From your fears
You have to win yourself
It's all or nothing.
Give your everything!

You are what you believe,
You got to bring the heat
Set the pace, competition take the lead.
This is it, all eyes on you
So stay on point and prove, that you deserve,
What's long overdue!

Chorus repeat

My heart is still recovering from a heartbreak of another kind,
I'm still drying my tears. Gettin' over my own fears! In my life
So I wanna make sure this time that I'm strong enough to give it my all.
So you got to live your dreams,so don't you be afraid,just set the pace and take the lead,it's your time to shine!
Chorus repeat