Monday, February 4, 2008

Alsharq Club third party - 15th of Feb, 2008

Hi all, Females, this invitation is for you, Males, i sent it to you so you forward it to who you think would enjoy this party!!

Alsharq Club third party is planned to be on friday 15th of Feb, 2008

Foreigns, half libyans, libyans who lived outside for a long time ,, or who is compatible with such different cultures, are invited, Females only,,,Bring your and only your children with you ,,

- 15 LD for the family ( you and your children) excluding Dinner
- for dinner, you can bring your dinner with you, or throught us, there are 5LD meal and 3.5LD meal.
you can cancel and have your money back, a week before the party.

Program: 4PM - 10PM
starting at 4PM, kids time, musical games, activitties and a movie ( in English). while that grownups chat, get to know each other, disscuss if there is any new ideas,, soft drinks are available.
the second part of the day, is for us,,, to play, dance , scream and have fun,, .. and no cameras,,,,

Ooh, by the way , the place in Omar ALmokhtar street, Alsharq Hall .

Looking forward to meet you at the patry,,, 2 Enjoy!!

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