Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's not my fault, that I have overweight

Mum beleives in science, sometimes this is usefull.

I got tired of study, i decided to check an arabic news site, light, interesting, and funny news I find there,, any way, i found an article about obesity and its causes, and here is the abstract of the article, excuse my translation skill, i hope i did it rightn, google helped me.

"Obesity was not quite aside from concerns of scientists medicine, where obesity is linked to many diseases; such as high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, friction joints ...and to other diseases, in the context of attempts by scientists to overcome obesity, findings of a scientific study conducted by University College London, that suffering from obesity could be due to genes, not because of lifestyle, assuring that genes control the differences between body mass and the area around the waist by 77%.

The study showed that children who suffer from overweight or obesity, will suffer when their adulthood, increasing the risk of injury to certain types of cancer, diabetes and Clots, but despite the likelihood that obesity and overweight result of some genes, debate about the validity of this link continues to rage.

The study conducted by researchers from the Cancer Research Cell Research Centre British health behavior, with twins case, provided an opportunity comparable genetic factors factors "cultural" and Behavioral, and it appeared that the impact of lifestyle and environment is much weaker influence of genes."

After finishing this article , all what i could think of is that , now whenever mum asks me to stop eating because I became so faaat, i'll tell her "you made this to me", and it's scientifecally proved.

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on the edge said...

Love your blog !! And your English in Ms. Khadija's classes are doing well with you , I can tell . Loved the thing about being fat . We have this problem in my family too , so sad to say !!!!!!! What can you do ? LOL ! It's all that cous coussy and macaroni !!! Cool pictures of the snow too . Take care ....