Thursday, February 14, 2008

A workshop in ELTEX 2008

Yesterday, I attended a workshop in the ELTEX2008, It was about using songs in the English learning classroom, and the presenter was my favorite teacher KhadijaTeri, why she’s my favorite teacher? I’ll tell you later. Anyway, she was not alone; her partner was a friend teacher of her, who I always hear about and never met, she is UT. I like the way she talks.

The workshop was good, useful and funny. Thank you both

Ooh KhadijaTeri is favorite teacher, because in her class, every minute was not a waste, I took so many many classes, I enjoyed her the most.


CNN Libya said...

Sorry, but are you Hebo, or another Heba?

Access the Ladder to English Advancement said...

Oh Heba... you are sooooo sweet. And you my dear are my most favourite student. :)


A.Adam said...

wow nice you like the way my mom UT talks
I was there too and I got 13 words of that tech song...
Khadijater my favorite blogger

dusk till dawn said...

salam Hebo
ur so lucky u got the most two talented teachers .iam sure will work hard and enjoy every subject ur given ,gd luck

HEBA said...

CNN Libya:
No I'm not hebo,I'm another one, thank you for passing by.

These sweet words makes me fly, love ya.


I got 27 words ;),,
KhadijaTeri is my favorite blogger too, I've been following her blog for a quit long time, and give me the feeling that I'd enjoy being a blogger. and I do,,

dusk till dawn:

you are right, I feel lucky,.
thank you for your comment.

UT said...


I thank you my dear for your compliment.