Monday, February 4, 2008

The cutest Mashroum i've ever eaten

In the “Ice Age 2 : The meltdown” Movie ,
SED asks DIEGO “Remember the good old days?”
DIEGO answers wondering “Which good old days!!”
SED “Ooh, you know, yesterday, last week,,,”

Yes, yesterday was one of my good days, me, sue sue (my mother) and sam (my best friend), went out shopping, we bought great stuff. At "Zarqaa Alyamamah", 3 guys stoped asking for my size, i was shocked !!. they were not libyans, and one of them wants to buy a jacket for his daughter who was the same size as me, it's good that they ask, they were going to buy her a jacket which is less than her size by 4.

Any way, we had dinner @ Pizza House. We had garlic bread, a salad plate, and a pepperoni pizza. Jumped out of the pizza, the smallest mushroom I’ve seen. It was so cute and yummy.

We cut it in to 2 pieces, I had a half and my friend had half, and it was really the smallest mushroom I’ve ever eaten.

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