Monday, September 8, 2008

Gold Reef Themed City - the park area

The internet is back , so I am. :) to finish the Gold Reef Story.

we arrived there late, and the Apartheid Museum took so much time , the reason we went there is Gold mine tour, so went searching for the place to book.

Booking for the tour and the park entrance costs 170Rand which is about 23USD, not too much I think, any way the tour was at 3 and we had to spend 45 minutes walking around the park taking photos, there was no time for playing so we just watched, and had ice cream ( a girl has to eat, lol ).It was nice, nothing special, but nice, (the park not the ice cream), the warm feeling you got through the walk is what you feel everywhere in south Africa because of the beautiful nature.

Here are some photos, with my comment:

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The next post is the interesting part, the GOLD MINE

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