Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 to 2009

It's about to end, the 2008

I love the numbers 2 and 8 and It was a year full of surprises and wishes come true (that sounds silly, right!!)

Joy was the new friends I made this year and being closer to my old friends.

Career was the huge step and professional certifications.

Fun, I had fun more than previous years

In general , I'm satisfied with what I had this year. And optimistic about the new year, and I feel like I can do so much more :)


It was fun to take a quizzes that on the edge posted on her blog , Quiz Time

on that site I found a quiz called

What Should You Resolve to Change Next Year?

And here are my results

You should Make 8 Resolutions

Lose Weight

Save Money

Get Fit

Eat Right

Reduce Stress Overall

Take a Trip

Volunteer to Help Others

Spend More Time With Family and Friends
Wish you all the best for the new year


Meme said...

May your holidays and new year be filled with happiness ,special moment, warmth , peace and overwhelmed with joy and success.

on the edge said...

A really happy New Years to you Heba !!!! Hope your wishes come true this year ! See ya later alligator !

Gigi said...

i hope to u all success in this life that filled with happiness,joy and nice things.
the best wishs

HEBA said...

THank you all :)