Saturday, February 21, 2009

A fire in the neighborhood

mum's car was not working, a problem in the battery, my brother went down to make it work so mum can drive with it to work. any way me and my other brother and cousin (who came from Benghazi and staying with us for some days) went down to take the other car and start our day, we couldn't locate our brother , when looking for him, we found that there was a flat on fire, maybe some of you would hear of it , the fire in Nasr Street, the fire was burning the whole flat down and it took the fire 10 minutes to be everywhere, any way , both of my brothers went in, there was a girl stuck inside and my brother went in to get her out, he could not and he got some second degree burns. a fireman (we've met in the hospital who happened to be at the fire place too and came to the hospital l) said that my brother was lucky not to get worse burns. It was really a shock to see my brother like that, this is when you know how much you love someone , when you think you might loose him/her, I freaked out and I couldn't say a word.

After my brother got out , the firemen arrived and they got the girl out of the window using stairs, but they couldn't do anything about the fire, because the firemen truck's tanks were empty, imagine ?!! if it's empty why is it on duty? why did they take the time and effort to come to the fire place with this huge thing? Daaaah!!

Another thing , the reason of the fire, some of us thought it's because of the heaters, some of gas, the reason is more ironicly unexpected, you know now they are installing this new external watt meter for the houses in Tripoli, there was a mistake in installing it and something was missing, the wires were connected directly without passing through the part which protects the house from changing current. that morning , the current went down and suddenly up and the whole flat exploded. some of our relatives said that they had the same problem with their meter too and the collector guy warned them about that mistake, it maybe any where , if you have a new external watt meter , check it !!

These days people come and visit us for my brother , you know how it is in libya , news spread fast and you spend days making tea and coffee. I'm exhosed.

At the end , I'm glad that everybody in that house got out safe and I'm so proud of my brothers :)


Nasimlibya said...

سلامتكم والله

ياستي اخر الخلايع :)

اهو شفتو المحبة والخوف في عيون محبيكم

وربي يقدرلكم الخير

وسلامتكم سلامتكم

Meme said...

OMG!!what is it with fire in libya these day??! first it was may and then this family?and i guess the reason is nearly the same...electrical problems.
u know it is not something new to hear about that empty fire truck!it happend once before with ppl i know..
anyway 7amdela 3asalamet your brother.

khadijateri said...

I'm so glad to hear that everyone survived this horrible fire. It was totally the result of neglect and I sincerely hope that they don"t just sit back and say it was 'Allah's will'. In the real world people would be held responsible for such events... I hope that this is the same in Libya. Court cases, though they are time consuming, are a necessity! sigh...

may said...

عزيزتى قد الله وما شاء فعل

مشكلة الكهرباء والحرائق كاثرة هل يومين مش عارفه علاش ...

مهم حمد الله على السلامة

وخيتك مى

HEBA said...

Thank you all for your comments and concerns :)

Rose Bud said...

I'm not sure if you got my other note. I wanted to say Al Humdallah Ala Salama for your brother. That was a very brave thing he did.

Someone should be held responsible for what happened. Was the family ok?

on the edge said...

Thank Allah that your brother is ok and that no one is dead !!!! Surprisingly enough I didn't hear about this fire . But yesterday near the Buj Al Fatha , the traffic was stopped because of fire trucks speeding by . I wondered where they where going , since I know they never have water in the water truck .Inshallah la bess to your brother Heba .

zuhare Tabet said...

الحمد الله على سلامت خوك ، وربي يحفظه لعمل الخير إن شاء الله.

أما عن المطافي عندنا
فبإختصار احنى عايشين بالبركة والحمد الله.

هذه قصة اخرى في 2007

Beram ElMasry said...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
عزيزتى الغالية ،انت ام اليوم او غدا ، فكل عام وانت بخير فى عيد الام ، وان كنت تتمنين لطفلك ان يحيا امنا فلقنيه ان الاسرائيلى شر كله ، فلا يامنه برهة ، ولا يسالمه مدى الحياة

يهودى يعنى حنش احسن دوا تقطعوا راسه
كلام نقوله لنسلنا نطبعوا فى كتابه وكراسه
لك تحياتى والسلام عليكم ، ولا سلام مع اليهود
بيرم المصرى