Friday, June 12, 2009

A global flu pandemic

The swine flu virus first show up in Mexico in April and since then spread to 74 countries. and now, as most of you would know already, it's announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global flu pandemic after holding an emergency meeting.
In libya, as I read on the libyan news sites, that they have a special committie taking care of this and working on having the needed precautions, so many questions pops in my mind, first, what are they doing as precautions? honestly I don't trust they are doing enough, and this is a personal opinion, and i might be and i hope wrong, second, we may have cases here in Libya , are all doctors in hospitals and ER & general medicine especially aware of all the information needed? we don't usually trust our doctors diagnoses, usually it's 60% correct only , how can we risk the 40% with a killing disease spreading around us? , also , no activites to educate the residents and if there is any, it's good enough , because it didn't reach me.
will this be the fashion of winter 2009?

I wonder, where is this taking us? and terrified about it, especially that I will have to travel soon .. May Allah keep you all safe.

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