Sunday, April 4, 2010


I've been through a lot lately , got sick many times , ending by chest infection , I feel lazy and depressed. but I'm glad to have these close friends who made it easier.

I miss going out , driving crazy, meeting friends. when doing all of this as the only available way of having fun, it became boring and nothing fun about it , but when I'm forced to not be able to do it for some time, it refreshes and revive the flavor of going out even for the same places.

I've just finished KhadijaTeri's last post, I felt other type of depression, I felt every word she said , and I'm really compassion with what she's feeling ^_^


Meme said...

i don't know about khadeja but i know about what you're going through...I've been through it myself..multiple times...i can't promise it won't come back but i can promise you it will fade away soon inshalla.

غيداء التواتي said...

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