Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Loosing weight , might be an easy target to reach

Well, I used to think in that way, I gave you all a chance before and then I decided to change, and I’m not fat anymore. And wanted to share my experience with you, my issue with over -weight has been a mystery, I don’t lose weight even If I don’t eat enough to keep that weight on, and a year ago I found out the reason, it’s something called “Food Intolerance”. 

Food Intolerance is a bad relationship between your body and certain kinds of food, when you eat it the body react with antibodies that affect your physical or psychological status on the long term, one of the things, it affects, is the metabolism process, it can make your body store everything and burn as little as possible. 

Don’t miss Intolerance with allergy, allergy is different and has a visual immediate reaction, Intolerance has slow reactions which mostly you don’t link it to the food like migraine, itching, asthma, fatigue,,, etc. 

In my case, when I stopped certain kinds of food, my life changed. If you’re tired trying different types of diets that do not work, check the “Food Intolerance”

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