Friday, December 11, 2009

Robin hood and the babes in the wood ,,, and me and the you in the changing world

I've just got home from the Robin hood play , and it's been fun , I had a great time. I've seen the last year play , and once I read about it on , I got excited and now , I'm really glad I did.

there are other intersting news that I read on that site too , a post on Meltem Arabek Artwork Exhibition and the weirder post , an inviation to who's interested to learn how to play Rugby "_" , can you beleive it , Rugby in libya ?

Libya is changing , and as much as I'm excited about it , as long time I need to digest some of them...


on the edge said...

I know what you mean . Sometimes I long for the Libya that if you wanted a weather report , you just had to look outside to know what it was .LOL !

Meme said...

Robin hood play ? where was it?
i'm glad that libya is trying to follow the world's just a matter of time till we can "digest" these new stuff.