Thursday, August 7, 2008


Midrand is the city I've my training in , the first thing i noticed here that, on the road they all drive in lanes, which you don't see in Libya, it feels strange, like arranged toys.

The first course ends tomorrow , the big day , EXAM!! and I got a flue, imagine how do I feel!!

It's good to move forward, but I'd miss Neil, my instructor, he's cool and cute, and sooo kind, actually all of the guys here are kind, today they tried helping me finding the direction of Kabba. and also they tried helping me find "Halaal" food. Oh!! the food is horrible, the worst stuff i had to eat ever, alhadulellah anyway, better than nothing.

wish me luck,


I Did Nothing said...

Hi Heba..I've arrived to your blog by accident...I just couldn't leave without saying GOOD LUCK in your exams!

Maya said...

Hiiii Hubbooo!

Miss you sooooooo much, today in the morning I felt very lonely, you know how was the last Saturdays for us, although I met tow of our friends but I couldn't help missing you.

I'm very happy to hear your news and to know that you're staying in such a lovely place; tell me, is it safe there? and how is your brother cooping?? How did you do in your exam, I'm sure you did very well.. as usual ;)..

Send me your phone no. I want to call you.

Wish you the best of luck!

matasem said...

Hey sugar ! it's good to hear that you safely got home lol . but seriously girl you need to work a little more on your exams and focus more on your study ! make us proud ;-)

HEBA said...

Hi Maya ,

I checked now, I thought i replied to this , excuse me for that!! , you know me.