Monday, August 4, 2008

Trip to South Africa

Hi every body, did you miss me !!

I miss you all , my trip to London was not that good, it was a garbage plane ( not expected from the britich airways). the nice about it , i love London from up the sky, it was just a transit so i didn't get out of the airport terminal.

the flight to Johannesburg was about 10:45 hours, can you imagine!! I slept, i watched 2 movies and i got board, i couldn't sleep again. the passport control in the airport was horrible , i still standing for 2 hours waiting.

The really special thing, is the place i'm staying in , i wouldn't wish for more , alhamdulellah.
I started my course today, it's good so far. the bad news is: I'll have a test at the end of each week.

I'll post pics for the heaven I live in as soon as I'm able to move the photos to the laptop.


A.Adam said...

weekly test is amazing :)
so glad you finally feel good and it's time to forget the airport services and other things focus in other things.
wish you the best

matasem said...

Ummm nice dear lol glad to hear that you finally felt this way lol btw nice writing you could be a hell of a journalistic lol

HEBA said...

Hey a.adam

hope you & ur family doing cool

thank you for the comment , keep in touch


I'm not that good, you just say that because it's me , glad to hear from you on my blog. take care

matasem said...

hi there , just try to relax and enjoy your time there , it seems a nice spot