Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Weekend - Part I

My first weekend in South Africa , we went to Gold Reef Theme Park City , this city is 3 parts, the Apartheid museum, the park and the Gold Reef cave.
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we went as a group, me and my brother, my college ushas (Indian), our neighbor Yaco (Dutch), Eugene and Taras (Russian). The first place we went to, is the Apartheid museum.

The Apartheid Museum is one of Johannesburg’s leading tourist attractions.
It takes you through a journey through the history of SA, and how it was during the apartheid (separation in life between black & white people and race classification), and how all that changed.

The museum consists of photographs, videos and borders.
What i didn't like in the museum, that they included the Lesbian & Gay right to get married in the struggle story. and there is a section where they put the photos of the homosexual weddings, I'm not discussing my opinion here, I'm just wondering why to include this in the story of their fight against race classification.
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on the edge said...

It was a little strange that they would include GAY PRIDE with Apartheid in the same place .Ramadan Kareem !!